Winter of Microgreens

Winter of Microgreens


Micgrogreens for the Winter is like our cold season mini-CSA program. If you enjoy microgreens and sprouts and want to have a regular delivery of fresh and local greens to remind you of spring in the depth of winter, this is the program for you!


Throughout the program we'll experiment with various greens, sprouts, and mixes. Microgreens we grow include: pea shoots, radish, arugula, broccoli raab, mustard, red cabbage, clover, sunflower shoots, and cranberry beans.


Microgreens are young vegetable greens, somewhere between a sprout and a baby green. They often have an intense and concentrated flavour, and vibrant, rich colouring.


They are typically harvested between one and three weeks from seeding at between 1 and 4 inches tall. Microgreens make an excellent addition to sandwhiches, wraps, salads, and soups. They can be blended or added to smoothies and juices, and used as a topping or accent on pizzas, stir fry dishes, and more.

  • How does it work?

    Members of this program will receive two different packages of microgreens each week, on Fridays, from January 1st to April 2nd (14 weeks).

  • Delivery Area

    We're happy to accept orders and sign ups from the triangle formed by Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, and Lindsay. Basically anything around Sturgeon Lake.


    If you're just outside that area or not sure if you're within range, just shoot us an email before ordering and we'll get back to you within a day.

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

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