While we can be thankful that most of our community doesn't suffer from a lack of food security, there are those among us who do.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity for many. Following the state of emergency declaration in Ontario in March of 2020, food banks experienced a 26% increase in first time visitors. And of all visitors to food banks in 2019-2020, one third were children.

While food banks are not an ideal solution for food insecurity in the long term, their role in the present and foreseeable future is critical.

For more information about how the problem of hunger affects and is present within our communities, check out Feed Ontario's 2020 Hunger Report.


In Ontario, 86% of those who make use of food banks spend over half of their incoming on housing.


One of our guiding principals is to sell nutritious, local produce to those who can afford it, so that we can give it to those who can't.

Most of our donated produce is sent to Kawartha Lakes Food Source, a charitable organization that supplies food banks throughout the Kawartha Lakes.


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