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Food Banks

One of our guiding principals is to sell high quality, local produce to those who can afford it, so that we can give it to those who can't.

Throughout the season we make weekly donations to local food banks. Most of our donated produce is sent to the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, a charitable organization that supplies food banks throughout the Kawartha Lakes.



1,500 lbs


2,500 lbs


3,500 lbs


4,500 lbs

Donation Volume

Tours & Engagement

Each season we host tours to individuals and larger groups, such as the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society (in 2022).

We've also been happy to take on speaking engagements with various local groups and clubs.

If you're interested in visiting for a tour, we'd be happy to hear from you!

Youth Soccer

Beginning in 2022, we're happy to be sponsoring Youth Soccer in Fenelon Falls through the Boys & Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes.

We sponsor the division covering grades 3-6, so if you know a child playing soccer in Fenelon in that age group, you may have seen our Farm's logo on their jersey!

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