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June 18th: Let's get started

Tomorrow, June 18th, is our first day of deliveries and pick-ups and we're happy to be getting some fresh produce into the hands of our CSA members.


May was a strange and slightly unsettling month as far as weather is concerned. Temperatures went from -1C to +30C and back to -1C all within a few weeks. There was almost no rain, we saw consistently high UV, and the cherry on top was an unusually late frost.

While we're able to irrigate our gardens to keep things growing, many growers can't. We spoke to a couple of local farmers who grow hundreds of acres of field crops such as soy, corn, and hay, and they're feeling the pressure from the lack of rain. They either see little and slow growth or seeded fields that have yet to germinate.

It can pour rain in Lindsay or Cameron but because of the topography and lake effects on the weather systems as they pass through the region, whole swaths of land can get little or no rain.

Storage Tip: Lettuce & Greens

Our lettuce has an excellent shelf-life in the fridge: we've had lettuce in the fridge for two weeks or more and have still made fresh and crisp salads. But if you want to up your storage game even further, here's a simple trick:

Pack your lettuce in an airtight bag or container, take a paper towel soaked in cold water and ring it out well and then add it to the container. That's it!

If your lettuce (or any greens) are a bit droopy, you can try resurrect them by dunking them in a cold water bath, the colder the better.

This Week's Share

This week's shares will include plenty of lettuce and salad mix, as well as spinach, radish, swiss chard, kale, and sage.

Our peas have started producing and we'll give out what we've harvested. If you don't see peas this week, don't fret, we'll keep track and make sure everyone gets some.

Food Bank Support

As our returning CSA members know, throughout the season we make weekly donations to local area food banks. The bulk of our donations go to the Kawartha Lakes Food Source in Lindsay, a charitable organization that acts as a distributor to 11 food banks throughout the Kawartha Lakes.

So far this season we've donated just over 100 pounds of fresh produce, all made possible by our CSA members. Thank you!

From all of us here, have a great week!

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