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Week Eight: August 1st Update

Mystery Box! The weeks ahead...

We have a number of crops that are starting to bear fruit but because of their nature, will not bear all fruit at the same time. A watermelon doesn't produce and ripen all it's melons simultaneously, some may be this week, some the next.

Rather than trying to create identical shares each week for every member, we'll distribute these crops in a sort of rotation. A crop rotation, if you will. If there's a week where we have tomatoes, watermelon, and cantaloupe, you may receive one or two of these, while someone else receives a different mix.

We'll be keeping track of who gets what on our end and rotating mindfully. We'll make sure everything stays fair and everyone gets to try everything we grow.

Due to these shares being more dynamic, we'll put a pause on listing the exact contents in our update each week. You can still expect a number of staples like lettuce, beans, okra, etc. But we hope you don't mind the added element of surprise.

Let us discuss lettuce

Lettuce and salad mixes are popular, we know this from prior experience and from CSA member feedback. We've revised our late summer and fall schedule to include more lettuce for each weekly share. Because of the delay between seeding and harvest, it will be a few weeks before this change becomes apparent, but it will!

Cilantro: Love it or hate it?

This week everyone will be receiving a share of Cilantro! Cilantro is somewhat divisive in that people tend to really like, or really dislike it.

One reason for this is genetic. Some subset of the population has a variation in a specific gene group related to olfactory sense (taste and smell). For these people, Cilantro can taste soapy due to a higher sensitivity to the aldehydes in the Cilantro leaves. For those without this variation, a soapy flavour doesn't come through.

So if you're feeding your kids a Cilantro seasoned dish and they say it tastes like soap, they're not necessarily criticizing your cooking. They may just be expressing a gene-deep argument for why they don't like it.

Going to be away? Share with the food bank!

This past week one of our CSA members contacted us about being away for the next two weekends. Rather than trying to sort out an alternative delivery plan, she simply asked that her shares be given to the food bank. Great thinking, thanks Rose!

Should you find yourself in a similar situation and want to do the same, just let us know.

This Week's Share

  • Butter Lettuce

  • Red Bunching Onion

  • Summer Squash (a.k.a. Zucchini)

  • Okra

  • Pole Beans

  • Cilantro

  • ... and more!

Thanks again!

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