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Week Eleven: August 22nd Update

Watch out! - Hot Peppers

This week's shares will include a couple of hot and spicy banana peppers. We'd just like to remind you to take care to wash your hands after handling them. Accidentally rubbing your eyes after working with hot peppers is a one way ticket to an uncomfortable experience.

You can thinly slice these peppers and add them to a stir fry, chilli recipe, or as a pizza topping to give some kick. If you're feeling more industrious, there are also a variety of hot pepper jellys and salsas that you may wish to explore.

Tomato Showcase

As you've probably noticed, our tomatoes make quite a colourful gang. We're growing 6 different kinds of cherry tomatoes to give our shares this degree of variety. Without further ado, here's our tomato lineup...

From left to right, we have Super Sweet 100, Sun Sugar, Limetto, Esterina, Midnight Snack, Yellow Pear, Hamlet, and Granadero.

The most tedious part of our tomato process is spotting and picking ripe Limetto tomatoes. The variety is green when ripe which is interesting and makes for a nice basket but spotting them on the vine isn't as easy as spotting a ripe red tomato.

Sage Wisdom

The herb in this weeks shares will be Sage. We're picking sage this afternoon and packaging it fresh, which may not be how you're used to seeing sage, if you're used to seeing it at all.

Sage can be used fresh, but can also be dried and then crumbled or ground into a finer grain consistency. Sage can also be infused into cooking oil, a sage accented olive oil for roasting vegetables is a great way to use such an earthy herb.

This Week's Share

  • Summer Squash (a.k.a. Zucchini)

  • Banana Peppers

  • Radish

  • Pole Beans

  • Tomatoes

  • Sage

  • ... and more!

Thanks again!

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