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Week Six: July 18th Update

Remember those pollinator seeds?

You might remember that the first share of the season contained a small package of pollinator seeds. During our deliveries a few weeks ago one of our members showed us their progress, and we thought we'd share.

While we've seen some flowers, our pollinator gardens aren't as successful as last years. Our assumption is that the extended dry period we've experienced is likely the primary culprit. Next year we'll plan to include a pollinator garden within our irrigated garden area, ensuring that we have some subset that we can carry through droughts.

Labour Saving: Tarps and Time

Clearing an untouched area of the field for a new garden plot can be daunting. If done manually, it amounts to a serious amount of time and effort. Cutting, pulling, raking, and so on.

We could till the area but we try not to till an area more than once. Tillage, especially deep tillage, adversely affects the soil through the disturbance or destruction of organisms that give life to the soil. Tilling also brings up seed that is buried and inactive, providing a new source of weeds.

To clear the area of grasses and wild growth while not disturbing the soil or exposing it to rain and wind erosion, we use large tarps. We lay the tarp over an area we plan to turn into garden space, weigh it down with bags of rocks, and wait 6 to 8 weeks.

This past Thursday we uncovered a newly cleared area to very pleasing results. Check out the picture below!

Trickle Crop: Beans

Last week we explained this idea of a trickle crop. A crop that starts slow, with only enough for some shares, but picks up so there's more than enough for everyone. Last week's trickle crop was Okra, but thanks to a final pass, we had enough to give everyone a taste.

This week we're expecting about half of our CSA members to receive the newly producing bean crop. We'll be doing a final harvest early Saturday morning to see if we can squeeze out enough for everyone, but if not, the following week should be bountiful.

This Week's Share

  • Red Romaine Lettuce

  • Bok Choy

  • Peas

  • Red Bunching Onion

  • Carrots

  • Summer Squash (a.k.a. Zucchini)

  • Okra

  • Beets

  • Beans* - Trickle crop

Thanks again!

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