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  • Carrot

    From the first warm days of June to the crisp chill of November, our farm is abuzz with the vibrant hues and earthy aroma of carrots. During the height of the growing season, we grow two wonderful varieties: Mokum and Bolero. These carrots are celebrated for their slender shapes and incredibly fresh flavors, perfect for everything from crunchy raw snacks to sophisticated culinary creations.


    As the leaves start to turn and we prepare for the autumn season, our focus shifts to sowing crops of robust storage and fall carrots. These larger varieties are specifically bred to have a longer shelf life without sacrificing flavor, ensuring that you can enjoy our farm-fresh carrots well into the winter months.


    No matter the season, our carrots offer a delectable combination of taste and nutrition that makes them a staple in kitchens everywhere. With our diverse range of varieties, you're sure to find the perfect carrot for your culinary needs all season long.