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Cherry Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes

    Our journey with cherry tomatoes begins in April when we plant the seeds in a nurturing environment, complete with all the essentials they need to thrive. As they sprout and grow, they're meticulously cared for, setting the stage for a fruitful season. By May, these young plants are robust enough to be transplanted into our greenhouse, where they have room to stretch their roots and soak up the summer sun.


    Come harvest time, these little gems are a sight to behold: vibrant, juicy, and packed with flavor. We offer our cherry tomatoes in two convenient options for our customers. You can either pick them up in environmentally-friendly cardboard pint baskets or purchase them by the kilogram, offering flexibility whether you're planning a small family meal or a larger culinary endeavor. Either way, these cherry tomatoes are sure to add a burst of flavor and color to any dish.