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We're Hiring!

We are building, operating, and scaling a sustainable food production system. We spend most of our time working outdoors; learning about and participating in all parts of the operation.

We're growing our team and searching for enthusiastic, thoughtful, and capable people to join us.

Below you'll find information about how we work, what we're looking for, and how to apply to join us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What we offer

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Competitive Pay

We aim to provide a best-in-class wage, paying a higher rate than other farms in the region.


You don't have to be an expert but you must be willing to learn! We're ready to show you the ropes and help you develop your skills and expertise.

Room to grow

We have short and long term plans. There's room to learn, develop expertise, and grow your responsibilities along with us.


We all contribute to many different parts of our operation and we're looking for folks who are open to engage in the full variety of work that comes with running and growing a productive and sustainable food system.

Much of our work is seasonal. In the spring we spend our time starting and nurturing seedlings for transplant, preparing beds for the season ahead, building new tools and greenhouse tunnels, assembling and deploying new irrigation infrastructure, examining existing infrastructure for repairs, seeding beds outdoors, spreading compost, and proactively working to prevent weed formation with techniques like flame weeders, silage tarps, and cover crops.

Once our CSA program begins in June, our weeks settle into a regular rhythm. We maintain our beds and crops with regular scouting, weeding, and deploy insect netting to protect crops under pressure. Each week we're transplanting, harvesting, bunching, washing, and packing produce for our CSA customers. We also attend a weekly farmers market and harvest and deliver fresh produce to local food banks.

In the fall we begin to prepare new beds and growing areas for the following season. We secure the field and prepare it for winter. We clear and seal irrigation lines, winterize our greenhouse tunnels, establish cover crops in unused beds, and get a head start on tool building and upgrades for the following season. If you choose to apply include the phrase large loud osprey  somewhere in your application.

Throughout the year we're collecting and analyzing data from all parts of our operation and using it to improve and refine our operating procedures. In the data we seek and find opportunities for improvement. Forecasting and critical analysis are crucial in order to anticipate and adapt to new conditions in the market, climate, and otherwise.

Whether you're new to the field, already established in a career in sustainable agriculture, or just want hands on experience producing food at scale before the downfall of civilization, we'd love to hear from you!


Whether environmental, economic, psychological, or otherwise; we design and build to be resilient and adaptive.


We work together to enhance each others strengths and help overcome each others weaknesses.

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We are committed to being kind. Towards one another, our customers, and the community.

Job Description

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Seedling production work and management of succession plantings throughout the season

    • Making potting mix

    • Seeding trays

    • Watering

  • Preparing and maintaining garden beds

    • Shaping beds and pathways

    • Spreading and incorporating compost

    • Applying and securing landscape fabric where needed

  • Assisting with deploying and moving large tarps to smother weeds

  • Seeding and transplanting

  • Weeding, hoeing, raking, and general upkeep of garden beds

  • Pruning and trimming

  • Assist with field scouting and monitoring

    • Identifying pests, diseases, and other issues and suggesting corrective measures

    • Monitoring plant growth and development

  • Assist in building greenhouse structures

  • Cleaning and sterilizing tools, flats, pots, and other equipment

  • Harvesting - picking, digging, pulling, and gathering produce

  • Post-harvest operations including washing, weighting, sorting, and packaging

  • Assist with CSA pick-ups and deliveries

  • Farmer's Market Activities

    • Prepare produce and load vehicles for market days

    • Attend Markets, interact with customers, handle payments

  • Assemble, troubleshoot, and repair irrigation infrastructure


  • Meaningful prior experience farming or gardening

  • Experience doing physical labour and working outdoors

  • Reliable, Honest, Hardworking

  • A "safety first" attitude

  • Organized with an attention to detail

  • Ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Comfortable working with power tools (hand drills, power washer, etc)

  • Effective communicator

    • Willing to ask questions and seek clarification

    • Able to provide and receive thoughtful constructive feedback

  • Willing to work during sub-optimal weather

    • We don't harvest during thunderstorms or do weeding when it's +40C.

  • Ability to use hand tools (shovels, hoe, pitchfork, rake, etc)

  • Comfortable working both alone and collaborating with others

  • Physically capable of undertaking gardening duties

    • Crouching, kneeling, bending, squatting, lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying

    • Occasional lifting up to 50lbs (Vegetable boxes, wheelbarrow, buckets, etc)

    • Repetitive tasks

  • A valid drivers license

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity working with production methods including fertilizer, weed control and integrated pest management
  • Familiarity with market garden tools and systems (e.g. drip irrigation, small tractors, high tunnels and greenhouse operations)
  • Interest in growing and taking on greater responsibility



Duration / Work Term

These positions run from May to October, 2024. Exact start and end dates can be discussed.

How to Apply

Below you'll find a simple application form. We ask for some basic contact information and that you attach an up to date resume. A cover letter is encouraged and appreciated but not mandatory.

If you have any questions about our operation, the job, or the application process please reach out to us at


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