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Weekly Update: June 13th, 2024

This Week's Regular CSA Share

Howdy folks!

Today, we're under a tornado watch, which is now seasonally expected. Along with it comes the possibility of hail.

Last season, a storm with large hail caused severe damage throughout the area, destroying cars and property in Lindsay, as well as crops.

While there are options for protecting gardens from hail, unfortunately, tornadoes are currently beyond our capacity to mitigate.

Fingers crossed!

Early Transplants

This season, we experimented with extra-early transplanting of crops that we don't usually start indoors.

We tried both turnips and beets, seeding them indoors in April and transplanting them outside in May. Both are looking quite good, with turnips included in this week's Regular CSA shares.

We expect to have beets at our farm stand next week or the week after. It's great to know that for next season, we have the option to grow extra-early beets and turnips for the start of our CSA season, provided we can find the growing space.

Cucumbers in Progress

Our cucumber plants are thriving this spring!

We're growing them in a greenhouse tunnel sealed with insect netting to keep out cucumber beetles, as is tradition. These beetles not only damage the plants but also carry bacterial wilt, which can ultimately kill the plants.

So far, we've seen very few intruders in the tunnel, and the plants look vigorous and healthy. We should have cucumbers for our CSA shares within a few weeks.

The white powder in the picture is diatomaceous earth, an organically accepted, sandy material that we spread around the plants to kill beetles that might emerge from the soil or get close to the plants.

Online Orders

We're now accepting Online Orders for the remainder of the season! Visit

Whether you're part of our CSA program or not, check out what's in season and get your produce straight from our farm.

We offer pickup and delivery options. If you have any questions or special requests, just send us an email at and we'd be happy to work with you.

Leash those Dogs

We also want to remind everyone to keep your dogs on leashes during visits and pick-ups. This helps ensure everyone's safety and comfort, including our furry friends.

Food Bank Donations

As a reminder to returning folks and for those who are new this season, every week we make produce donations to local areas food banks. If you're ever not able to receive your share, rest assured that nothing will go to waste. Monday morning we take unclaimed items from shares and include them with other produce in our donations.

Have a great week!

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