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Weekly Update: July 14th

Our first time growing Kholrabi

Greeting's everyone! The garden is doing great and looking great.

We have a number of crops available for the first time this week, including carrots, basil, and cucumbers.

Next week we'll have beets and kohlrabi. And in a few weeks we'll start harvesting tomatoes.


This week's shares will finally include cucumbers for the first time this season. They had a bit of a rocky start with the heat around the time we transplanted them, but they are shaping up to be a sweet success for us this year.

In the past several years our cucumber crops have always been plagued with damage from cucumber beetles.

We would spend time manually removing them or mixing a gentle soap spray. But cucumber beetles walk in single file to hide their numbers, and they would always return, and in greater numbers.

Insect netting down the side of the greenhouse

This year we sealed off our cucumber greenhouse tunnel using insect netting. There's netting all the way down the sides (that we open for ventilation) and over the doorways at both ends.

The three different varieties of cucumber we grow are all Parthenocarpic. This means that they produce fruit without being pollinated - crucial so they can be productive in an environment that attempts to exclude insects.

We've found this to be extremely effective. The plants are very healthy with little damage and the fruit themselves are the best looking we've ever had.


You may notice driving by that we have put up signs in our west and east fields.

We currently have a large "Closed" sign that hangs at the end of our driveway to let folks know when we aren't ready for drive-ins. A big green "Open" sign will be ready when the paint drys.

This Week's CSA Share

  • Head Lettuce

  • Zucchini

  • Green Onion

  • Carrots

  • Cucumbers

  • Kale

  • Basil

  • Bok Choy

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