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Weekly Update: July 7th

This week we traded away poor air quality and got some exceptional heat and humidity instead!

We've mostly planned around this heat by starting earlier in the day and getting the harvesting done before 10am when we can manage. We get our produce into the cooler and don't open it again for the rest of the day.

The primary reason our working area in the field is painted and covered with white is to reduce heat absorption, making for a cooler space. On exceptionally hot days, our working area can be 10 degrees cooler than in the open field.


Our Zucchini have arrived! We transplanted our zucchini seedlings later than originally planned but the plants are strong and ready to produce.

We prune our plants weekly and continually harvest from now until the plants are killed by frost, likely in late September.

Zucchini are wonderful as an ingredient, but we also love them because they store very well, and the plants themselves produce a lot! We harvested just over 38kg of Zucchini in the past week.

Open Saturday (10am - 4pm): Garden Tour

This coming Saturday our Farm Stand and garden is open from 10am to 4pm.

The annual garden tour is happening this Saturday (July 8th) and we're open as a point of interest for anyone eager to wander a grid of wood-chip bordered vegetable beds.

This Week's CSA Share

  • Head Lettuce

  • Snow Peas

  • Zucchini

  • Garlic Scapes

  • Swiss Chard

  • Spinach

  • Chives

  • Bok Choy

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